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Bad Credit Personal Loans

A loan Directories

Reputable Directories In Singapore

Need instant money for your sudden expenses but do not know where and how to get it? Are you also in need of a fast loan to make urgent payments? Looking for banks or finance Institute which offer personal loans can be complicated considering that they will require you to provide them with tons of documents to secure a loan. Even if you have satisfied all the requirements, they will not guarantee you that your desired loan will be granted.But with Personal Loan Directory in Singapore, your money problems are over. We help you qualify the licensed moneylender, and make sure they are good to give you a loan.

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Loan Calculator

We have build a web based calculator to compute on your loan amount, repayment amount or interests incurred to make sure that you are comfortable with the repayment. You can then make use of the approved short term loan to make quick payments on your unexpected expenses. Local Banks or Finance Institute may not accord nor extend loans to Foreigners with similar loan packages and payment schemes as our lender. Even low-income individuals can avail themselves to our flexible loans. You might wish to apply and compare loan packages offer by our licensed Moneylender and find out that it is actually amongst the best loans tailored especially for foreigners and low income earners. We are confident that if you study again, you will find one loan package that suits your financial need.



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A platform for better experience in taking up a loan

This website is build in the intention of giving user a better experience in getting a loan from Licensed Moneylender. We had make the necessary step to make sure all advertiser are legitimate and have good record from user experience and good ethical pratice toward their business as a licensed lender. The process of applying a loan through this website was simplify and loan approval was faster for the licensed lender to access customers database with our automated system.

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A Licensed Lender Platform

Build for Legal Lender and Legal Finance Institute

As a trusted and reliable directory, we have the right formula to attract the right customer for you. We work hand in hand with moneylender and given advice on the procedure and right marketing strategies hence make you a better company above others.

With our customize platform, we had simplify all process of accessing the right customers and let you make fast decision of approaching your customers. Using our service will give your company a new experience and anew approach toward your business.

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